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About Us

JR Pack Co.,Ltd specialized in crafting customized jumbo bag and Pre-sling for industrial use eg. rice, fertilizer, flour, cement and sugar, as well as large canvas to cover goods and wind cover canvas for vessels.

JR Pack Co., Ltd is a Thai company, it operate under the umbrella of Thai Formosa Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd. (Established since August 1st, 1988 with authorized capital of 63,971,700 THB. It located at 173, Moo 9 Malaiman Road, T. Tabluang, A. Muang, Nakhon Pathom Thailand, 73000).

JR Pack Co., Ltd established on April 10th 2007 with authorized capital of 50 million baht. JR Pack Co., Ltd place its focus on domestic market while Thai Formosa Plastic Industry focus on international market.


JR Pack Co., Ltd under the umbrella of Thai Formosa Plastic Industry, locally established and manage with passion of Thai entrepreneur spirit.

Our Team

Staff are effectively categorize into administrative division and manufacture division with 35 staff delicate their passion in administrative and 300 well trained personnel assigned to be responsible in manufacturing the best quality product.

  • 300 Staff
  • 225 Machines
  • 20000 Sq Metre Factory Space
  • 14 Years in Service


JR Pack Co., Ltd product comprise of weaved polypropylene bag available in Big Bag, Sling Bag which able to contain goods from 300 up to 2,000 kilogram according to the customer requirement (Make to Order).

Jumbo Bag FB3 4/4

Jumbo Bag

Jumbo Bag FQB4 4/0

Jumbo Bag

Jumbo Bag FBTC4 4/2

Jumbo Bag

Jumbo Bag FB6 4/0

Jumbo Bag

Jumbo Bag FB1 4/0

Jumbo Bag

Jumbo Bag FB2 4/0

Jumbo Bag

Jumbo Bag FB6 4/4

Jumbo Bag

Jumbo Bag FB4 4/2

Jumbo Bag

Jumbo Bag FBT4 4/0

Jumbo Bag

Jumbo Bag FBT4 4/4

Jumbo Bag

Jumbo Bag FBT4 4/2

Jumbo Bag

Sling Bag SL2 4/4

Sling Bag

Sling Bag SL2 4/0

Sling Bag

Sling Bag SLB1 4/0

Sling Bag

Sling Bag SLB2 4/2

Sling Bag

Sling Bag SL2 6/6

Sling Bag

Jumbo Bag FB6 4/2

Jumbo Bag

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Quality at heart, punctual delivery and honor in commitment are our pride

- JR Pack Co., Ltd -

Manufacturing Process

Punctilious in each and every step of manufacturing process to ensure high quality crafted product are delivered with the sense of responsibility to the customer and society at heart, we strictly select only “Food Grade” material in every process of production with state of the art machinery. We strive to produce the best quality product to the customer, this is our core value. Our products has pass through quality affirmation process from various internationally recognized accreditation institutions. This reflect that our effort in order to bring the quality up to the new level. This would ensure the peace of mind for our customer and the end user that we place our heart into what we do and we are truly concerned about the well-being of people and society.

Belt Weaving Department

The department use state of the art technology. We use a seamless tape which is 10 times the length of normal tape. This make it seamless and ensure that the belt produced has constant durability and strength on the whole sheet no matter the cut is long or short. The belt quality was under ISO 9001, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, GHPs, HACCPs standard.

Cutting Department

Cutting department cut material in to parts in order to sew it according to the specification customer required. We use high precision machine control by Motor Servo system operate by PLC. This produce highly detail and accurate output by automatic system. This enable us to produce 100% identical product according to the customer’s requirement.

Printing Department

This department in charge of printing logo or product details according to customer’s need with high tech machine, we can print up to 5 colours. We place our utmost concern on the consumer and environment, all colours use are food grade. This is our standard practice even though it is printed on product that does not relate to food.

Sewing Department

Expertise of the personnel play an important role to the product quality. We provide continuous training and development programme for staff. This can make us reach up to the capacity of 100,000 bags or 240 tons with finely made product under the ISO 9001, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, GHPs, HACCPs standard, combining with high technology we place our heart into each and every bag that we produce to order.

Logistic Department

We operate a fleet of 5 vans equipped with GPS system to ensure timely delivery to any location in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Quality Control Department

We are very careful with this process. Good quality can only be achieved through good quality control system and with quality control equipment that are very detail and precise. Quality control department involve in each and every step of the production. Starting from raw material inspection, we have to make sure that the quality pass our strict standard. This consider to be the most crucial quality indicator as “good product comes from good raw material”. We inspect our quality of raw material with INSTRON machine which has equivalent standard with Thailand Textile Institution and Metal Detector that has similar standard with the machine use in food industry.


Our factory has the capacity of over 100,000 bags or 240 tons per month. We serve various industries including cement industry, fertilizer industry, sugar industry, agricultural industry, petrochemical industry and logistic industry.

  • Belt Production machine 6,000 kgs per day
  • Automatic cutting machine 18,000 pieces
  • Sewing capacity 3,350 bags
  • 5 colour printing machine 12,000 pieces

Our Factory

JR Pack Co., Ltd established on 10th April 2007. The factory located at 169 Moo 1 Bang Ta Then, Song Phi Nong Suphan Buri 72110 with authorized capital of 50 million baht.Our main market is domestic market include cement, sugar, fertilizer, argriculture, petrochemical and logistic industry. We provide high quality product under ISO 9001, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, GHPs, HACCPs standard (since 11th August 2015). Our factory cover 20,000 sqm of operating space with 225 high tech machine, a fleet of 5 delivery vehicle.

169 Moo 1 Bang Ta Then, Song Phi Nong Suphan Buri 72110 THAILAND

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061 442 4669 (คุณลิตา)
090 264 9265 (คุณณัฎฐนันท์)
098 614 5563 (คุณมญชุ์สิตราภรณ์)

096 642 4462(คุณปภัชริณณ์)
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098 146 6163 (คุณนารี)
093 496 1614 (คุณเพ็ชรา)

ถุงเล็ก (คุณมญชุ์สิตราภรณ์) Lind ID : Namonkimkinkhem
ถุงจัมโบ้/พรีสลิง (คุณลิตา) Line ID : Lita_Jrpack

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GMP & HACCP accreditation Ceremony

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On 11th August 2015, JR Pack Co., Ltd was certified with GMP&HACCP from SGS Thailand. The management committee was presented with the certification. This achievement was the result of every staff’s hardwork to develop an effective system which pass the SGS international standard of GMP&HACCP. This would raise the confidence of JR Pack’s products to […]

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ISO9001:2008 accreditation Ceremony

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JR Pack Co., LTd was accredited with ISO 9001:2008 by SGS Thailand on 15th September 2014. JR Pack executive and staff are proud of this achievement. This is our first step to attain international standard. We aim to use this standard as our benchmark to provide our customer with confidence in our practice under the […]

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